Arizona is not like any other states. It stands out from the rest, solely because everyone is already rushing here, having seen, heard, or experienced something great and wondrous about it. Arizona, specifically Dewey, is just the prime place to settle down and enjoy all aspects of every season.

We have our snowy white winter days, silent and sparkly, and two days later, you can hang your clothes out to dry in the warm winter sun. In early spring, there are endless outdoor opportunities in our tri-city community. You can enjoy long hikes in several desert terrains, and then walk right on through to the boulders of our pink granite dells. You can take guided tours through ancient Indian ruins or you can stroll through them yourself and get lost in the heavenly odors of our natural pine forest. As winter snows melt, Arizonans don’t have to leave Arizona to find water activities. We can raft the Colorado River, kayak Lake Powell, fish for trout in several of Prescott’s little lakes, or go south and tube the Salt River.

In the spring and early summer, you can revel at the brilliant flowers, otherwise known as weeds such as brown-eyed Susan’s. Sometime around the 4th of July, monsoons roll in from Baja California. This makes summer afternoons in the high desert both mild and pleasant with green vistas and dramatic stormy skies. The much needed rains rarely last long enough to squelch a pleasant round of golf, yet, after it rains for a whole ten minutes, we are graced with astonishing rainbows that stretch across the sky. Finally, when summer days grow short and we crave a breath-taking spectrum of fall colors, Deweyites can head north, through nearby Mingus Mountain and the quaint mining town of Jerome. Oak Creek Canyon and the breathtaking red rocks of Sedona satiate our senses like no other place on earth. Peaceful it is indeed. How could anyone not fall in love with Arizona?

I’ve lived in Dewey, Arizona almost all of my life and I couldn’t picture living anywhere else. It’s far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the big city to make me feel safe at night, yet, it’s not so far out in the boonies that I have to manually pump for water and randomly have to use gas lamps for light. It is an ideal place to live with its friendly people. It’s actually kind of strange that you can see a movie scene here even when there are no cameras in sight. Youngsters really do wave at the cars going by while checking out tadpoles in the spring that flows down from Young’s Farm.  Why, even Norman Rockwell would be comfortable here!

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